From:Dave Dawson
Subject:RE: Early Deluxe Exhaust Needed Date:Mon Feb 16 07:02:25 2015
Response to:5519
Hi Dave,
My pal Don and I made a batch of six in stainless steel.
We fitted two, one each to each of our 24 Deluxe.
However, we had problems when we had them welded. They moved quite a lot in the jig. So they needed quite a lot of hand work bending them to fit. Especially around the carburettor and lower frame etc.
When I get a moment I can send you a picture of my finished one.
If you are interested, I can sell you a complete set of parts to make one up.
You just need to find a good stainless welder welder to put them together.
Best regards,
David Dawson

Anyone have an extra exhaust for a Deluxe (baloney cut end 22-27)? Looking for one in excellent condition for a resto bike.

Willing to buy or trade.