From:Dan F
Subject:Similarity with Henderson Parts Date:Fri Feb 13 07:14:11 2015
I am trying to determine which Henderson deluxe years used the same parts and specifically the parts listed below:
-Gear case cover
-foot starter crank
-saddle spring bridge
-generator-which is correct for a '25 (du5 )?
-headlight brackets
-magneto - which is correct for a '25 (simms) ?
-rocker arms
-rocker arm studs
-front fork cups
-main fork stem nuts
I have studied the "parts list" which is sometimes difficult due to the lack of detail or information. Also, I don't see a publication or a note listing the models covered on the versions I have. Lastly, I believe some of these parts cross over to the Super X bikes.
As always, you're help is greatly appreciated.