From:Richard Duda
Subject:RE: 1926 Henderson Parts Date:Wed Feb 11 12:23:40 2015
Response to:5511
I have original front and rear fender and a repo fender blank that fits both front and rear Deluxe. Also oil and fuel line fittings,

I am looking for parts for a 1926 Henderson project. Parts needed include handlebars, fenders, chain guard, wheels, rear stand , rear brake drums (and arm), forks, rockers , exhaust, generator saddle (and generator saddle strap), exhaust, fuel caps, levers, and side boards.
I am wondering if any of these part were used for other years. It seems as though '26-'28 used many of the same part.
Does anyone have any original or repop parts to sell or recommend those who make the repops ?
As always, thanks