From:Rick Yamane
Subject:RE: SideCar Mount Date:Mon Feb 9 14:54:23 2015
Response to:5517

Looks like we're getting the side car body out of the paint shop today.
There's probably a few things I'll be looking for but to start I need the mounts at the rear of the frame. From page 31 of the parts book it looks like numbers 35, 36, 41 & 42.

We're going to take one more look around the body shop when we pick up the chair but if anyone has spares that they won't be needing I could be interested. I'll confirm whether or not we find the pieces later today.

Well, another search at the body shop turned up nothing. We're going to check at the previous owners house but I'll need to check out alternatives. Thanks Jeff Roth for the info off-line.

The paint looks great BTW!