From:Dave Ciccalone
Subject:RE: Tool box latch finish Date:Sun Feb 8 18:02:39 2015
Response to:5469
The latches were painted. I have multiple original paint tool boxes to
compare, all have remnants of original paint on the latch. You can see the
original machine specification label on the inside of this box's lid. I'll post
another photo of the inside of the latch "flap" attached to the lid, which
appears to have nickel under the paint. I'll post as a separate picture.

I have one tool box with exceptional paint but the latch "flap" that would
have been attached to the lid is missing. The lip on the inside of the lid
where the latch "flap" would have been attached appears to have paint on
it. Based on my observation my opinion would be that the all of the
individual box pieces, including the latch, would have painted and then

OK, here is the question of the day: The tool box latches used on Super X
and Henderson were Corbin latches, nickle plated. Were they riveted on
after the box was painted, or before and then painted with the box? The
only real way to know would be a nice original paint machine, anyone have
one that can answer this question?