From:Mark Hunnibell
Subject:RE: RE: Henderson de luxe Date:Wed Jan 7 07:52:14 2015
Response to:5481
I would use a little caution here.

I bought a set of reproduction handlebars for my 1919 from Christian some few years ago. Although they looked OK as a standalone piece, when I compared them to my originals (which were pretty banged up), the center "casting" had differences and there was a slightly different curve in the tubing. I remember showing them to Steve Ciccalone one year at the Chesapeake meet. He said they were actually pretty good and that no one but him might be able to see they were not original. So I had planned to put them on my bike until I could find some originals. Ultimately, I decided to have major work done on my originals and that's what I have for the bike now. I think they will function as an interim solution, but I would try to find some originals.

His reproduction gas tank was another matter. I think I paid around USD$600 for it and it was nice and pretty in gray primer, but then had to spend another $1800 getting it stripped and repaired before painting. It was all full of pinholes and the oil tank was welded/soldered into place at a crooked angle so that the oil and caps were visibly inconsistent in their alignment. I ended up having the tank cut in half and completely rebuilt.

Anyway, just be careful. If you're over in Europe, I would see about arranging a visit with him to see the things before you bought them.


They are listed on this site

Thanks, John

Wanted Original or replica handlebar complete for my Henderson de Luxe project- model year 1926.
Any suggestion for possible supplier or privat person will beappreciated.Tks,Carl The Netherlands