From:Steve Marks
Subject:RE: Simms Internal Timing Date:Wed Nov 26 04:23:39 2014
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Hi Glen
The A and C refer to clockwise and anticlockwise rotation so for a Henderson, line up the dot with the C, for an Ace line up the dot with the A (when referring to direction of rotation on magnetos, clock and anticlosk refers to direction of rotation as seen at the drive end) This is usually good enough but we always double check with a dummy distributor as shown in the picture - not a Simms but you can see the idea. We make ours out of wood but a piece of card does the trick for a 'one-off'. Cut out a circle of card and mark on the positions and size of the brass segments in the cap. To use, turn the mag in the correct direction and check that when the points just start to open, the rotor arm brush is aligned with a brass segment in the cap. This needs to be checked with the mag in the fully advanced and fully retarded podsitions. It's not unusual to find that things line up better if the gears are engaged one slot out from the marked positions. I've been meaning to add this to our website. You've prompted me to write it up so this could be the basis of a new page coming up soon! Thanks and best regards - Steve

Henderson DeLuxe Question

Hello everyone,

I have taken my Simms Magneto down for cleaning "no spark" and I need to know the timing marks between the fiber gear and the large aluminum gear behind the points and distributer cap. There is one dot on the fiber smaller gear and there is an A and C mark on the larger aluminum gear. Any help wpuld be appreciated. You can reach me at or respond here.

Thank you,

Glenn Bator