Subject:RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: bad running when hot Date:Tue Oct 28 17:52:16 2014
Response to:5406
the engine casings are not painted so have very good contact to the mag.
Removed the fuel line and drained about 2 pints no dirt or air locks

Tonight I removed the lead from the mag to cutout switch and put a
stronger spring on the Venturi it has improved greatly best it's been I have a
repair to do on the front chain sprocket then take it out for a test run fingers
crossed lads let you know how it goes later this week


are the cases painted including mag platform, there shouls
be a direct return circuit from plug outer through motor to
mag, maybe the paint is insulating you from getting a good
earth return and something is changing when hot, could also
be muck in the tank leaning her out once running, or like
mentioned earlier a blocked or non existant hole in gas cap
to allow for used motion lotion?