Subject:RE: KJ project for sale Date:Mon Oct 27 11:54:16 2014
Response to:5310

I regretfully am looking to sell my KJ project. I
have had it many years and know it will make a great
bike. Includes frame, forks, bars, brake lever,
tanks, 19" wheels, compete brakes, footboards, dash
with Corbin, speedo cable, angle drive, bracket and
ring gear, oil pressure gauge, light and repro light
switch, incorrect US ammeter, upper and lower cases
with minor older fixes, crank and cam shafts, con
rods bearing caps, tranny gears, kicker, timing gears
and cover with KJ oil pump, intake and cover with
rockers. Basically complete motor. Included are very
good reproduction fenders and exhaust. Everything is
apart. Missing battery/tool box, chain guard, carb,
seat, headlight and brackets. Pretty much like I
bought it but I have added or improved many parts.
E-mail if interested to Not
giving it away, don't have to sell. I have pictures
to forward. Thank you for the great site!