From:Mark Hunnibell
Subject:RE: RE: Henderson - Those Elegant Machines - NEW EDITION Date:Fri Oct 10 15:34:58 2014
Response to:5385

The reply I got when inquiring was this:

One of the volumes is a reprint of his original book, now long out of print. The second volume is a supplement with new information not included in the original book. Both are leather bound. The books should be available from the printer in mid-October and are sold as a set only. We will include a free DVD with each of the next 60 orders that documents a motorcycle meet in Lemars, Iowa several years ago that features all years of Hendersons. Since we only have about 60 DVDs left, we can only include in the next 60 orders, then once they’re gone, they’re gone.

The prices John gave me are:

United States: $210
Canada: $250
Europe: $260
Australia: $270

Mark Hunnibell


How much are these books? How redundant is the first volume to the original
which I already have?