From:Mark Hill e-mail:markhill1940 @gmail
Subject:RE: RE: daytona Date:Fri Sep 5 05:08:34 2014
Response to:5339
Hi Barry

Up at four this first day looks like the storm is blowing in.
If we leave in the set it is OK with me. Wolf pack got some
great hot shake down miles in yesterday. No issues some guys
have seized all ready not pretty. Its a 140 mile milk run
today. I hope all goes well.


I imagine all the engines are "broken in" in preparation but
maybe a little rain
when the ambient temp is so high will help with cooling a tad.
My 36 four runs
like a fine watch in a downpour. Keep the rubber on the
ground, have a great
first day.
Think we will be leaving in the rain. Beautiful now but nasty
is on the way.