Subject:RE: RE: magneto Date:Tue Sep 2 15:16:32 2014
Response to:5326

Thanks Rohan,

Thanks for magneto info. I was curious about it, when I saw
it in our Motorcycle Club parts container.
There is a lot of vintage American tractors here in South
Africa, and this magneto is probably one taken off one such

I donít know the spin direction, will check on nearest
occassion, and since Indnrdr mentioned that it is suitable
for early Hendersons Ė maybe somebody in need can make use
of it..

Kind regards


The American Bosch AT4 is listed as standard ignition on
e.g. Case farm tractors, circa 1923.
Plus on other tractors stationary engines etc.
A closer view of the patent numbers may narrow it down.

American Bosch manufactured a large range, in huge numbers,
so most models are not exactly scarce. Farmers being
farmers fitted them to anything that needed a magneto...

Which direction does it spin ?