From:Chris Bastiaansen
Subject:RE: RE: RE: Looking for Ace fronthub Date:Mon Aug 25 16:13:31 2014
Response to:5317
Thanks Doug for taking the time to help me out, appreciate this very, I
contacted Barry already for the hub, thanks again, Chris

I measured a laced up Ace wheel for reference. From your
photo, the closest one appears to be the second down on the
left. Ace used two style hubs. Early had ball bearings and
beginning in 1923 they were the first company to use tapered
roller bearings. The hubs were symmetrical, that is they
were the same on both ends. There was no lubricator. Ace
was a small company and didn't make their own hubs. So
another manufacturer may have used the identical hub, that
is until the tapered bearing version arrived on the scene.

The overall width of the hub, empty, is 3.584 inches. The
outer diameter of the center hub section is 1.636 inches.
The outer diameter of the bearing cup ends is 2.095 inches.
The distance between the outside of the spoke flange to the
opposite side is 3 inches with a 0.25 inch distance, on each
side, from the spoke flange to the edge of the bearing cup.



Here are a bunch of early hubs. I have only been able to
identify one or 2
believed to be H.D. so far. Let me know if any are of
interest and I can send
dimensions and better images.