Subject:RE: Zenith T4X carburettor for DeLuxe 1927/28 Date:Tue Jul 8 17:05:14 2014
Response to:5241
Carl Henrik,
Send me some close up photos of the carb, different angles too.
Oh, and by the way, thanks for bringing the oil with you from J°rgen.
Send me a pm and try to explain the problem regarding your carb.

My Henderson is now fully overhauled, and the engine and gearbox is for
all practical purposes totally new, rebuilt by J÷rgen Sundberg in Sweden
(Grevbo Engineering). O still have problems with the carburettor though -
hesitation when it comes off the idle (pilot) jet - a hole in the middle. I have
tried all sorts of solutions without success - new main jet (size 20) and new
compensator jet. The carb has been modified somewhat by an earlier
owner, and I suspect that perhaps the idle jet mechanism is not functioning
properly, or the choke tube (new) is too large.
I am now looking for a spare carburettor in good condition, or somebody
qualified and willing to overhaul mine to original specifications.
Is there help to be found somewhere?