Subject:RE: OOPS! (or words to that effect)..... Date:Fri Jun 20 14:51:12 2014
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Oh boy! Steve, I feel sorry for you and your bike.
Keep your spirit high, and the old Hen will soon be back to

Sverre Gerber

Hi Guys
Good to see so many new engines and bikes coming back to
life. Here's one which shows a backward step.....
I've been out of the loop a little recently with a heavy
workload and the fact that I waited forever to get the rear
wheel on my 1920 Henderson Model K sorted. One phone call to
the wheelbuilder brought the response 'Oh hello - I thought
you'd waited so long you would have gone somewhere else by
now!' So I did.....
So, all back together in time for a rally in Warwickshire
(UK) with time to spare so I decided to do something about
the slightly rich carburation. Decided it was fuel level so
made up a new needle with threaded 'cotton reel' and lock
nut so that I could fine tune the float height. The mod
worked well so I was trying it out up and down our road,
making an adjustment and trying again. I was going round a
left hand bend very slowly - poor view - when a car coming
the other way crossed to the wrong side of the road. Saw it
coming and moved into the gutter and was pretty well
stationary when it hit me. The car hit the back half of the
front wheel and scraped along the right hand side of the
bike before flipping it over and dragging it along the road
on the left hand side. The engine seems OK, and the rear
number (license) plate was untouched. As for the rest, there
is some work to do..... Frame, forks, front wheel and
mudguard and handlebars badly damaged with lots of minor
problems to just about everything along both sides of the
I was lucky to get away with 'severe lacerations' to the
right knee - 25 stitches. Hey ho....
Now, a few questions please guys. The frame (fractured in
two places and severely bent at the headstock) can be
repaired and straightened but where should it be? I have
some good side view photos so could probably do some scaling
if necessary but has anyone got any idea on frame
dimensions? Fork angle? trail? wheelbase? Amazing how we
don't think of these things till we need them.
I'm also looking for a source for the rubber handlebar
grips. I know it should have the 'X' patterned grips from
Chicago but I had the earlier 'HENDERSON' ones from Detroit
which I preferred (sorry to all you 100 pointers but mine is
too far off the mark anyway). The good news is that I've
done it once so I can do it again - this is all repairable
and I won't be taking 14 years to do it this time!
Bye for now - Steve