From:Rob Olsen
Subject:RE: 1200kms ride this weekend on my De-luxe Date:Wed Jun 11 14:49:15 2014
Response to:5211
Awesome Job Sverre!
I'll bet you had a great time, Happy it was a nice trouble
free journey, You did a great job.

I had no idea your roads were like that, but I'm sure it
added to the nostalgic adventure.

2 thumbs up my friend!


Have just finished the rally Trondhjemsridtet 1919 with my
Henderson De-luxe. What a blast, 1200km`s in four days, a
large portion was run at really mean gravel roads, from
fjord to high mountains with snow, rain and luckily mostly
sun during the trip.
Rode with two more De-Luxes and a KJ (and one Injun four),
none of the bikes had any technical issues.

See more pics at;

Thanks a lot to Rob Olsen in convincing me such a trip would
be a piece of cake for a Henderson, it was indeed.