From:Byrne Bramwell
Subject:RE: OIL Date:Tue May 20 08:09:52 2014
Response to:5167

I picked up my motor at Oley and plan to start it soon.
There was some discussion about what oil to use. Someone
said they had heard that Rotella has reduced the zinc
content in their oil.
What are other people using and has anyone heard anything
about the Rotella

My KJ Cannonball test engine ran about 8000 miles testing
new parts including 4000 miles running the Cannonball in the
KJ ridden by Mike Fockler.

The engine was built by Mark Hill. The first 3000 plus
miles were put on by me with Shell Rotella in Florida. Mike
used a semi synthetic, Belray 20W50 for the Cannonball.

Mark and I took the engine apart after about 8000 miles.
The engine was perfect inside and will be put back together
with the piston rings, valve guides and gaskets being the
only parts being replaced. The clutch provided by Mark
showed no wear and and never slipped.