From:mark hill
Subject:hummingbird Date:Sun May 18 10:18:46 2014
Hummingbird 2015? In 2009, I was commissioned to build my first single speed Detroit from none other than Frank Westfall. With the exception of some magneto issues, the little single speed Detroit marched across the country with no internal mechanical issues at all. Rumor is, for 2015, there will be a pre-15 run with 40 of the best cars and 40 of the best motorcycles. Former Great Race contestants and former Cannonball contestants - what a sight that will be. Get your stuff together boys, because that one is only going to come around once. On the last Cannonball, a guy walked up to us and said, "those bikes should be in a museum." My friend replied, "museums and hard wood floors are where old motorcycles go to die. There is one worse place - putting around an AMCA meet pretending they can go out and ride."