Subject:RE: 1915 Motorcycle book republished Date:Wed Apr 30 15:44:54 2014
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How much?
Motorcycles Sidecars and Cyclecars by Victor Page was been
republished (in a small print run) as a Good Quality
hardback book by me in 2012. The book features the
development of motorcycles from steam and Daimler until 1915
and has a vast amount of information on early American
Motorcycles. Please contact me for further details.

550 pages 336 Photographs, Drawings and illustrations plus
labelled fold-outs (Indian, Triumph, Four Stroke V Twin
Engine, Troubleshooting Chart & Veteran Motorcycle Engine

Includes references to; Indian, Harley Davidson, Excelsior
(USA), De Luxe, Emblem, Monarch, Fieldbach Vee Twins.
Henderson, Curtiss, Regal Green, Standard, De Luxe, New Era,
Wagner, Royal, Merkel, Yale, Pope, Thomas, Orient, Thomas,
Halley, Hendee, Eagle, Harley Davidson, Pierce, Fieldbach
Rudge, Brown, Triumph (vertical twin), Scott, Douglas, Royal
Enfield, Premier, Phelon & Moore, Ariel, FN, De Dion,
Daimler, Clement, Peugeot,