Subject:parts needed for 1919 Hederson - will be at Oley Date:Sun Apr 13 11:33:23 2014
Dear Henderson Enthusiasts.

a friend of mine asked me to seach for the following parts for his 1919 Hederson at Oley.

I though it might be a good idea to post his seach list in advance to increase our chances to find the one or the other parts. In case someone could bring some of these parts to the meet I could take them along for him.

Parts needed for 1919 Henderson

H-130 carburetor
air shutter for carburetor
intake manifold
exhaust manifold
clutch pressure plate
set of cylinders-1919 prefered
G-1029 Flywheel
H-6355 selector lever (there is a "K- 6355 for exchange if needed)
G-6331+2 spline shaft bearings , right + left
H-6134 k/start assembly
G-1016 clutch bearing cap and all other bearing caps and bearings
G-6369+70 crank thrust bearings, front + rear + retainer
G-6365, x2, +66 " ", clutch thrust bearings
Double butted 10 gauge spokes
Oil pump
Clutch parts, General (no plates needed. I'll use King)
G-6301 clutch driving member
G-1637 Transmission drain valve
Axles, cups, cones, quills + nuts

Thank you for letting me know if you have any of these parts for sale or have a lead who to ask or where to find them.

Hope to see some of you at Oley.

Best wishes from Vienna,