From:Dave Ciccalone
Subject:RE: RE: Bikes coming to auction Date:Fri Apr 11 15:24:46 2014
Response to:5121
Plus it looks really old and probably not that safe for modern highway travel, I'd stay away from this one.


What a great bike. I would however disagree that that bike is really a 14. The bike's engine # is close to the start of the 15 engine run that we are seeing here at the shop (we have an earlier motor 36xx here and have a model E engine 37XX within ten #s of that bike. The chassis is all 15 the one year only weird 15 seat casting and seat setup. The bike also has the coveted 15 Henderson 2 speed rear hub (not Thor). The bike does seem to have a '14 front floor board, but that would bolt right on. The real giveaway for a 15 frame is the casting under the seat. One more red flag for the potential purchaser is the lack of the correct top end on the bike. The bike has a 16-18 small bore angle plug cylinders and a hodge podge of valve pockets. The bike should actually have a Split Dorf magneto is it is a 14. It has a Burling N44 that was used from 15-17, another strong sign that the engine is truly 15. It actually has the correct intake manifold that should probably be on the 1917 bike. I can't see the engine's oil pan, but everything indicates it would be the 15 one-year-only oil pan. The correct top end intake manifold and carburetor would be tough to find, but not impossible. Still, overall, what a great piece. I wouldn't change a thing with the paint. That one deserves a preservation. The 17 isn't so much the same. Good luck bidding, boys! I hope I see that engine in my shop someday.

Here is a nice one