Subject:RE: RE: Ace magneto cut-out Date:Sun Apr 6 15:18:38 2014
Response to:4973
Again Doug to the rescue... Hey Doug remember the fellow that made those years ago in Sweden? you can buy the simple short knob/ball switch on ebay for 2 bucks and make the rest.

What year are you trying to reproduce? Ace does not list or picture a magneto cut-out in the catalogs except for the term "magneto toggle". Generally there was a handlebar mounted cutout (spring steel) that was identical to the horn switch. Some people would use the same piece mounted directly on the magneto to ground out the mag when it was contacted by the switch. I've attached a photo the lighting switch which is located on the battery box, if that is the item you were thinking of.

Perhaps Ken Lee can chime in on what he knows.


Can somebody help me out with a picture or a drawing
of a magneto cut-out of a Ace or Indian Ace
(maybee a Henderson is the same)
Not the ones on the handlebars, but the one thats in the partsbook

(VF 1307 Magneto cut-out assembly)