From:Douglad Feinsod
Subject:RE: RE: Photo 3 Date:Sun Mar 23 09:53:54 2014
Response to:5090
I believe 21 cylinders have small intake,same as 20 but
larger exhaust port and no pipe plug in the top of the
That makes these one year as in 1920.

Hey, Dave Ciccalone, check out that early deluxe top end
with K model style finning on the barrels but with the
larger port openings. I have seen a couple of sets of that
style cylinder ( Jeff T. has one stray of that style)real
rare. Check out the total K umbrella style tappet bonnets.
The motor also has the early style shift detent mechanism
and the crankshaft is the non beefed up counterweight crank
that came in the K model- that could be random though. I bet
we are looking at a transition motor with that four digit #.

Photo 3