From:mark hill
Subject:RE: RE: RE: Jack's Plating ? Date:Sun Mar 23 07:59:36 2014
Response to:5085
Jack is Jack Provost of Deco Chrome in Ormstown Quebec he does great work and is super careful with your stuff everything is photographed and inventoried before and after you pic up the parts. Great work good pricing so far with me.


I have had chrome and nickle plating and aluminum polishing done at New England Chrome Plating for a number of years. Their work is excellent, prices fair and good turn around time. I have referred others to them who also say the same. They are in E. Hartford, CT at 860-528-7176. Patty usually answers the phone. Usually get stuff back in 4-6 weeks but right now is their busy season with everyone trying to get their cars and bikes finished up for Spring. Jim

I'm about to embark on a K-model project (the other kind of K - a 1954 Harley KH), and for the first time in many, many years, I'm going to need some plating work done.

Last time (Indian Torque Two) I found a place in Delaware that did superb quality work at very decent prices. Beat-up, pock-marked wheels came out flawless. When I tried to find them again, not only were they out-of-business, their former location was now an EPA Superfund site.

So where does everyone get their plating done?



Jack's Plating it is.