Subject:1924 Henderson4 Deluxe Motor Date:Fri Mar 21 16:19:58 2014
1924 Henderson4 Deluxe Motor - For Trade

1924 Henderson4 Deluxe Motor - For Trade (plus shipping) for similar 1938-1942 Indian4 motor/parts/etc. This Henderson Four Deluxe motor is RARE, as-is, and should note the following:

- Top case is a 1924 Henderson Four (Engine No. D6211A)

- Oil Pan is a 1928 Henderson Four (Tag: 5-11-1928) (Case No. unclear)

- Both the top case and oil pan fit each other

- Includes one (1) Zenith carburetor plus one (1) additional Zenith body

- No weld & no cracks on Oil Pan

- Weld along the forward Top Case flywheel housing

- Missing: Magneto, connecting rods, pistons, intake/exhaust manifolds, flywheel, various transmissions items, valve cover caps, and a few cylinders fins

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