From:Rob Olsen
Subject:RE: Jamming kick starter Date:Thu Mar 13 13:09:23 2014
Response to:5056

remove the kicker housing from the case by undoing the 6
screws and pulling the whole housing out of the case to
check to make sure the housing bore is not jambed up.

You'll be able to see inside the countershaft gear that way

I can email you pictures of how it all assembles and it is
very simple



The kick starter on the bosses bike jams. It goes back and
stops solid like the engine or gearbox is locked up. If I
lock the clutch open it goes through and I can turn the
engine by hand pulling on the wheel in third gear so neither
are locked up.
I'm guessing the pawl or whatever is in there is not
engaging properly.

Is there an adjustment one can make from the outside? Does
anyone have a parts drawing or exploded view of the gearbox
that will allow me to see what the problem might be?

Oh, it's a 1929 Streamline.