From:Rick Yamane
Subject:RE: RE: RE: Jamming kick starter Date:Thu Mar 13 12:55:41 2014
Response to:5061
Thanks Dave and Dennis,
Sounds like in either case the engine needs to come out. Being very much new to Hendersons, will the engine drop out the bottom? Looks awlfully close to the top tube to be hoisted out through the side.

The Parts List is available in PDF in the Facts, Fables and Opinions section, under Documents.

You can take the kickstarter assembly out and see if there's a problem with the ratchet "gears". One is on the kickstarter, and the other is attached to the countershaft. There's no adjustment there.


I had a similar problem on a brand new 31 KJ overhaul. It was almost impossible to kick over. My problem was that there was way to much backlash in the bevel gear set. It had 60 thousandths backlash and it should have been 6 thousandths therefore the gears were trying to climb on top of each other. To adjust you need to align the gears with the proper backlash. Adjust the big bevel gear by turning the bearing on the ends of the shaft. Adjust the small gear by shimming. Shimming the small gear is difficult. I was told that you have to removed the crankshaft. However I found that is it possible to remove the small bevel gear off the end of the crankshaft without removing the crankshaft. Once you have installed the proper shim then reinstall the small bevel gear. Another possibility is that you have broken teeth on one of the gears. Good luck.

The kick starter on the bosses bike jams. It goes back and stops solid like the engine or gearbox is locked up. If I lock the clutch open it goes through and I can turn the engine by hand pulling on the wheel in third gear so neither are locked up.
I'm guessing the pawl or whatever is in there is not engaging properly.

Is there an adjustment one can make from the outside? Does anyone have a parts drawing or exploded view of the gearbox that will allow me to see what the problem might be?

Oh, it's a 1929 Streamline.