From:Bob Turek
Subject:RE: RE: Too Many 1931 KJs ??? Date:Sun Mar 2 12:01:27 2014
Response to:5031
I've wondered about the starting point for K serials
also. The old Roster lists K1126, one of Dr. Leveland's

Dave, The Ballak list has the the K model serial numbers
starting at K 1200, I have an upper case sitting in my
garage with a serial number in the early K 1100's, stamped
in the correct places. I also have a Providence of Ontario
Motorcycle Permit(issued in 1958) for a 1931 Henderson
serial number KJ346xx. There could be several explanations
for the permit being inaccurate, perhaps a typo, or the bike
being manufactured in 1930 but not sold and registered until
1931. To me the Ballak document is lacking in too many areas
to be used as "proof" of year of manufacture, but it seems
to be the best information in the public domain. More
documentation must exist, hopefully it will surface some