From:Dave Hennessey
Subject:RE: Too Many 1931 KJs ??? Date:Wed Feb 26 08:50:54 2014
Response to:5024
Does anyone have a bike with serial number 35xxx or 36xxx that has a title that says 1930?

I got two emails about the practice of titling bikes in the year they were sold rather than the year of manufacture. Here's one:

> Years ago in NY it was legal to register a vehicle in the year it was sold even if it was made the year before. Not positive when the law was changed but think it ha d to do with the new 17 digits in a serial number in 1974????

> This happened a few times at a small IHC dealer where I worked with "left over vehicles". All was legal as long as there was not a model change. Was actually good for the customer as he had a "newer vehicle" trade in value.

The other was about CA. I had heard about this before, but I was not aware that the practice was so widespread, or lasted so long.

I guess my line of inquiry is pointless.