From:Doug Strange
Subject:Henderson Book Date:Sat Feb 15 14:41:42 2014
I just spoke to Rich Schultz regarding his book "Hendersons - Those Elegant Machines". Currently Rich is beginning the process to reprint his book which much be digitalized for new printing. The plan will be to reprint the book and add a supplement, mostly on the later Hendersons where the old book was light.

Rich would like to add photographs of enthusiasts' bikes to be included in the supplement. He asked that interested people please send photos of their machines, both right and left sides, for detail study. Owners would receive proper credit in his book. I believe he would be most interested in the 1918-1931 Schwinn era.

When you take a photograph, please be aware of what is in the background so it is not distracting or cluttered. And if all possible, please use a proper camera and not a cell phone for your photographs. Send your images to me, at and I'll put these on a disc for Rich's publisher. Any questions, you can email me at that address as well.