From:mark hill
Subject:RE: RE: Mark Hill - where are you? Date:Wed Feb 5 20:00:20 2014
Response to:4993
Hi Dave,

My new email address is About a month ago my old school email timed out. It was one of the last vestiges of my employment at the school. I am working very hard on Cannonball bikes and some other four cylinder engines. Lately I have been tied up with a 38- 42 Indian four camshaft project which has taken on a life of its own. We are looking very hard at the lack of valve overlap that seems to be inherent with F head or pocket valve engines. Most of you probably know this, but Gotleib Daimler was given credit for this design. The theory was the metallurgy of the day was so horrible by placing the intake valve over top of the exhaust valve, the incoming fresh charge would help cool the head of the exhaust valve. Thus, what I am finding is that there is not much overlap and very wide lobe separation angles that associate themselves with smooth idles and lower compression ratios. I also think that the camshafts cater to the horrible fuel and dismal compression ratios associated with F heads. I have degreed so many camshafts lately in both Henderson and Indian engines that I am starting to see numbers in my sleep. In conversation with Barry about a week ago, I had mentioned that I degreed seven camshafts in my personal Indian engine and had come up with what I believe to be the original valve timing from Springfield, but only by looking at a wide cross section of cams. I was also stunned by the lack of uniformity between samples. Barry had mentioned that he had spoken with someone who had taken a tour of the Indian plant during the war as part of some sort of promotional event, and he was horrified by the condition of the tooling in the Springfield facility. We have been fortunate to have worked with some top camshaft engineers on our hotrod KJ cam and this new Indian Four project. The interesting thing is most of the engineers we are working with are as excited as we are about figuring out how to make pocket valve engines work. It seems to be a lost art. As I have said before, if you look at the Indian literature and the Henderson literature, with all of their offset keys and multiple key positions, the factories were definitely experimenting themselves. If any of you happen to have the Rosetta Stone, some inner corporate memorandum from Arthur Lemon to Everett Delong or Arthur Constantine, discussing the cryptic valve timing procedures associated with American four cylinders, please share. For me now, it has become more than just lining up dots and goofy hieroglyphs, in bell housing inspection windows. I want to know why, in degrees of crankshaft rotation and effective valve flow. Yes, it's way to cold and snowy, and I am shut in here. Please feel free to email me with any questions and I will try to answer them the best that I can. Also, look for the pack in '14 - meaner than ever and getting ready to explode the myth of knuckle heads.


Mark is busy getting the wolf pack ready to kick some butt.


Some KJ folks have been looking for you. Your email address doesn't work, and I
don't see your name in the SUNY Canton faculty directory.

Where are you?