From:Nick Mulcahy
Subject:Re - KJ camshaft removing Date:Sat Jan 4 22:33:30 2014
In response to the request for information on how to remove a KJ camshaft (or K Model and DeLuxe), I did mine using a slide hammer. I had to make an adaptor for which I used a piece of hexagon bar which I drilled and tapped 1/2"- 20NF to suit the end of the camshaft and 3/8"-24 NF to suit my slide hammer. The crankcase will need to be heated in the general area of the front and centre camshaft bushes to make extraction easier,for this I used a paint stripping heat gun.The No.1 camshaft lobe will push out the front camshaft bush and the No.5 lobe will push out the centre camshaft split bush. The housing for the centre bush has a semicircular notch machined at its base which is to give clearance for the tip of the cam lobe. Prior to using the slide hammer the No.5 lobe needs to be in the six o'clock position (viewed from the top of the crankcase)to allow it to pass through the housing in the crankcase. Once the two bushes have been removed the camshaft will need to be rotated alternately for lobes No. 6, 7 and 8 to allow them to pass through the housing and thus allow removal of the camshaft. I hope this all makes sense.......Nick.