From:Kris Thompson
Subject:RE: Happy Holidays and Deluxe Clutch Hold Pictures Date:Sat Dec 28 13:54:28 2013
Response to:4953
Hi Dave I have a 20 Hen. Is there anyway I could get you to send me an email
with the picture so I can download and "blow-up for reference purposes? Thanks

A couple months ago John Yushkevich asked for some pictures of the clutch
hold setup. Here's some additional ones I scanned that show's a very early
deluxe (zoom in, looks like a D on the serial number to me).

Besides the good photo of the clutch-hold and magneto operation mechanisms
this bike has a host of add-ons and oddities happening.

Kellog Muffler
Messinger half-pan saddle
Dual band rear brake
No apparent horn switch
No dent in the battery box
And check out the underside photo - enclosed chain guard!!

Interested to hear thoughts on this one.

Merry Christmas and Happy Henning!