From:Nick Mulcahy
Subject:Re- Underside Picture Date:Fri Dec 27 23:36:54 2013
These are really interesting photo's that Dave has uploaded.It's a pity there isn't another showing the righthand side of the bike. A number of features on this bike show that it is a 1920 K Model. 1. Firstly the engine mounting bolts go through the frame tubes. 2. The shift levers have an additional offset at the lower end to clear the magneto. The rear brake is smaller in diameter than that used on a DeLuxe. Several other things that I can see on these photo's are an extended oil filler neck, the horn switch is clamped to the handlebar sleeve and the brake rod for the internal brake has been removed probably to allow fitting of the Kellog exhaust system. I wonder if anyone else can notice any more differences.....Nick.