Subject:RE: Dave Hennessey Date:Tue Nov 12 05:03:36 2013
Response to:4911
Which reminds me tt i have not made a donation to the Exchange this year....
The webpage says tt the list for 2013 is empty. So guys - time for a donation !


While credit is being paid to our web master and Henderson enthusiast Dave Hennessey for recent uploads to the site, let me add kudos for his effort at correcting some errors in my first effort at telling a Joe Petrali story in the Miscellaneous Section of the Exchange.

When that was first posted I had mis-identified Joe as sitting on the KL, when in fact that was a Chicago Harley dealer Ray Brusso, with Joe sitting on the fence in his racing attire in the distance (as first suggested by Barry Brown).

Thanks Dave for fixing that story. It much better now.