From:Dave Hennessey
Subject:RE: Serial numbers??mismatched Date:Sun Nov 10 18:25:22 2013
Response to:4905

This is a fairly common problem, since the lower case sits so far below the frame. Harleys had a skid plate under the engine which took the brunt of the impact with rocks, curbs, and the like. But Henderson didn't.

It does lower the value. Someone (can't remember who) has reproduced them, so I guess you could quantify it by the cost of the repro lower case, plus the not inconsiderable amount of labor to remove the engine from the bike - and...

As I understand it, the factory assembled the cases, and then cut the threads for the spline shaft bearings, so the threads on mis-matched cases may or may not line up. I'm not sure if the repro lower case has threads cut, or is blank waiting for you to cut them. Someone with more knowledge than I should clarify this.

And who sells the lower cases?


I am looking at a 1931 KJ to purchase,the top case is correct 1931,but the lower is a 1929.How much does this mismatch lower the value??5K,10K?..any comments