From:Dave Hennessey
Subject:RE: Oil Quantity KJ Date:Wed Nov 6 11:30:42 2013
Response to:4894

Here is a picture of my dipstick. I am not sure if the dipstick is original. I have a Deluxe oil pan on my bike, and Carl Vandre welded on the dipstick tube. He may have made the dipstick too - that man could make anything!

I think it takes 3 quarts - I didn't count last time I changed the oil - just filled it up to the upper mark.



i have recently changed oil of my Henderson KJ 29. I wonder how many liters/quarts have to be filled into the engine. The dipstick of my bike has 3 upper marks. The 2 upper marks seems to be selfmade and i am not sure if the marks are correct at all.

Thks for any info.