From:Darryl Cutter
Subject:RE: Re.Re Otis Spiker Newsletter DeLuce Picture Date:Sun Oct 20 08:12:51 2013
Response to:4869
My '19 and '24 Excelsiors are equipped with this set-up. It is really a hill
holder. The Excelsiors have a dual rear brake, an inner expanding and an
outer contracting. The rear brake pedal on the right side of the bike controls
the outer contracting brake band. When you depress the clutch pedal halfway
down it disengages the clutch. When you depress the clutch pedal all the way
down it disengages the clutch and applies the rear inner brake. After you
press the clutch pedal all the way down you then rotate the left handlebar grip
outward and it holds the clutch pedal down. Now you can put both feet on the
ground with the bike in gear and the brake on. When the light turns green you
feed it throttle and feed the clutch out with your left hand and take off. It
works pretty slick. I do not disengage the clutch using the left handle bar
grip. I don't think it was designed for that as it puts a lot of strain on the
linkage and it is hard to turn the handlebar grip. The downside to this set-up
is in every day riding. You have to be careful with how far you depress the
clutch pedal to just shift or you hit the brake a bit. On both my bikes the inner
brake was quite worn. I personally have only seen this set-up on the '22\'23
Henderson Deluxe.

Please find attached a copy of a photo that I purchased some years ago on
eBay. It shows a 1922 Henderson DeLuxe Police Special complete with the
optional hand clutch. All of the linkages for the hand clutch are clearly
visible.From what I remember of the description of this photo it was taken
ouside a Henderson dealership somewhere in Maine. The bike looks as
though it has just been unpacked. I hope you all find this of interest.......Nick.