From:jim jalbert
Subject:RE: RARE HENDERSON CAR FOR SALE Date:Wed Sep 18 15:19:30 2013
Response to:4774
let me know what you have for sale.. send me pics

Just caught wind of one of these rare jobs coming up for sale . I don't think it has been advertised yet and doubt if it will be cheap( otherwise I wouldn't post this!) . Send me a PM if you are interested. Don't be confused as this is not a homemade car with a bike engine, it is the real deal circa 1912 one of only a few known to exist. I believe it has had some restoration so would not be as desirable as the original car that sold at the AK Miller auction. I just read that they used a Stutz transmission which connected the dots for me since they were made in Indianapolis and of course my friend AK was known as "King Stutz"!
This would be a great acquisition for the Henderson collector who thinks he has it all. Too bad Steve isn't still with us.