Subject:RE: De-luxe valve caps Date:Sun Sep 1 11:06:43 2013
Response to:4813

Just like your BMW exhaust nuts, those DeLuxe valve caps need regular application of anti seize as a part of regular maintenance.

I think modern alternatives to asbestos make sealing more difficult. The copper crush washers are not the same from aviation supply.

In the KJ intakes I've been using a spiral wound S.S. gasket good to 1800F that has cured leaks and have the same design in the works for DeLuxe valve plugs. The gasket is ideal in that it can be compressed and conforms and springs back. Although I don't know how re-useable they may be in the DeLuxe yet.

I did have a conversation with Bill before I made valve plugs to get a green light before I made my offering, so they are available. I needed some for 2 engines as the old ones are either thread worn or cracked enough to make repairs uneconomical



Had my longest one day ride on the Henderson last weekend. Rode 400km`s on single lane country roads, including two mountain passes.

The first pass is kind of different from most mountain passes over here, as the climb is done by two very long straight hills, which the old De-luxe did easily in third (I thought). Having stopped at the top of the mountain for a while I found the exhaust valve on the rear cyl had frozen in open position when I was to continue my ride.
I had my 8" long home made valve plug wrenchlong with me, the one that I used to tighten the plugs after my renovation. I couldnt move the plug to get access to the valve, no chance. Had to ride to a nearby tractor workshop (on a three cyl Henderson) where we ended up using a 50" long arm on a power socket, using a hammer on the socket top to shock the threads.
When I finally got the plug removed the threads was OK and I could easily turn the plug back in by hand????
I dont understand why the plug was so hard to get out? I had used Never-Seez high temp compound on the threads before assembling.
Plugs where bought from Bill at St. Louis Henderson parts, great parts I think.
Anyone experienced the same problem??
Now I am seriously worried about the remaining exhaust valve plugs.

Kind regards
Sverre Gerber
AMCA 3489