From:Mark Hill
Subject:Transmission Main Shaft/Shower Head Date:Sun Jun 9 17:24:57 2013
As promised, pictures of my modified transmission mainshafts (I guess they are at NY specs, but I'm not quite sure what is meant by that...). These transmission main shafts are produced in North America of the appropriate materials. They are gun drilled and cross drilled, allowing for oil to flow to all the critical bronze bushing areas. I will be installing and testing these in the very near future. Of all the wolfpack bikes on the '12 event, only the bikes that used industrial hard chrome shafts with 660 bearing bronze stood the test of the Cannonball with no wear. The great Irv Truax told me once, do what ever the Hell you want, kid, but this is how I do it. Consider this a gift from the wolfpack. This is how I am going to do it from now on. I can modify your shaft for you. I can discuss price with you at Rhinebeck.