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Page 1 of the Special Speed Model Article.

The scan didn't take. Will try again tonight from the home computer.

Thanks to Dave Molnar's recent copying of the Spiker newsletters, the identity of the mystery man Ray Brusso has been revealed in the February 1978 issue of the Bulletin. You may recall he's the guy sitting backwards on the KL fender, erroneously attributed by me to be Joe Petrali (Dave H., please fix that page for me) in the Miscellaneous section of the Exchange.

In a Spiker re-type of an article from a May 1930 issue of "Motorcycling" magazine, the guys are described as: 2 Indian dealers, two Excelsior Henderson Dealers, an Independant Dealer, and "...we recognize Ray Brusso who sells Harley Davidsons over on North Avenue." Also attending were Art Constatine who ran the timer, and of course, Joe Petrali "...tearing along as though the devil on a sky rocket was chasing him."

It looks like the dealers wanted to see what competition the New Henderson "Special" Speed Model would bring.

I hope this scan is readable. 2 more pages to follow.