From:Chris Gans
Subject:RE: RE: RE: tank decal Date:Sat Mar 9 10:01:29 2013
Response to:4645
Actually Dave, yes. The transfers were dipped in water, slid onto the tank, and let dry. Then they were clear coated with whatever they used back then. Same with the fenders and Schwinn on the fork. The image JR put on is from a decal guy who reproduced them in sets a number of years ago. He shows up at the Iola car show sometimes but I don't know if he still has any. I have never seen a stick on myself but then I skipped about 25 years of all this.

Hmmm waterslide decals... forgive my ignorance, but what do you do? slide them on there, let it dry then clear-coat? They would certainly come right off as soon as they get wet...

Frank Picked up a stack of them at Wauseon last year. Decals, not stick on.

Does anyone by any chance have a tank decal that I can get in a hurry? I need ONE by next weekend for a show at the international centre in Toronto - like here on the bike yesterday type thing...

One of those pressure sensitive "stick on" ones would be the choice.

('28 deluxe)

Please email me or call my cell 519 369 7417

Thanks in advance,