Subject:RE: tank decal Date:Sat Mar 9 08:57:34 2013
Response to:4643
Like I said, I've learned from experience. Here's a single sheet left over from a pair I had to buy when I tore a decal while trying to apply it to the compound curved K.J. tank. Yes, we clear coat over these after they are good and dry.

If you think you'd like to try this you can have this sheet. Email me about how fast you need it mailed at my email address.

Thanks again for those Otis Spiker newletters -- I'm reading one a day.


Does anyone by any chance have a tank decal that I can get in a hurry? I need ONE by next weekend for a show at the international centre in Toronto - like here on the bike yesterday type thing...

One of those pressure sensitive "stick on" ones would be the choice.

('28 deluxe)

Please email me or call my cell 519 369 7417

Thanks in advance,