From:Mark Hill
Subject:RE: RE: RE: Engine case finish Date:Fri Mar 1 08:00:40 2013
Response to:4601
Thanks for those who posted and called I have a plan. We are going to go with the Blue. Here is one that is natural. I think Barry's post sums it up probably either way. Any way great bike. 28 with that strait front end and shrouded mud guard hard to beat.


Sorry, hope this uploads. If not, not sure what I'm doing wrong.

I think that the case should be natural. Here's a couple of pictures of a 1928 Deluxe that I located awhile ago in a barn 'somewhere' in the Midwest. The bike was put away in the 1940's and was painted quite awhile before that. If the original color of the case was blue I don't think that they would have painted the bike red and yellow. It would clash a bit don't you think? LOL Check out the Stewart Warner speedo. I have some additional pictures so if you'd like to see more, let me know. PS Great article in the new AMCA magazine.

Good morning - I would like to question the forum users about the correct engine case finish for a 1928 Deluxe. Some think they should be painted blue, and I have also heard reports that they should be natural. I finished two '28 Hendersons this summer, and one owner wanted natural and the other wanted blue paint. You may have seen the blue painted one - it was Steve MacDonald's Cannonball bike. Bikes look great both ways, but what is the correct finish? Thanks.