From:Dave M
Subject:RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: Otis Spiker-Henderson Restoral Society Date:Tue Feb 26 09:00:04 2013
Response to:4517
TA-DAHHH.... all the I s dotted ant t s crossed - finally done!!!

Just wanted to let you guys know the 11 copies of the Otis Spiker Bulletins went out yesterday. They turned out not bad considering and all readable.

I blew up my lapton so I lost the emails of all who ordered. I was able to retrieve the word doc I created with names and addresses however so they are on the way. If you want your tracking number please email me. Please note that the two overseas ones (small packet surface) do not have a tracking number.

Please be patient, Expidited service and small packet are very slow. It is reliable tho.


Ok LAST LAST CALL on the copies of the Otis Spiker stuff. There are now 10 total. If anyone else wants them please email me directly asap.

Thanks, Dave

Hi All,

I have made arrangements to do copies (of my copies) of the Otis Spiker Restoral Society booklets. I have four people who are interested in them.

If anyone else would like a set please let me know by Jan 23rd if you are interested.(last call!!) I will mention again that these will be copies of copies so the quality will not be 100% but most if not all should be readable according to the guy at the print shop. The cost will be $80 per set plus post.

Please email me directly if you have not already and I will add you to the list.

Dave Of The Great White North

WHAT??!! how did I get sucked into this??!


I went to the printers and I could have copies (of my copies) done. I'm not sure how many pages there are but I could get a cost to copy and staple together all issues. They will be copies of copies so the quality will not be great but I'm sure they will be readable.

Please email me directly if you want these.


You Otis Spiker fans might also notice an original set that sold for $125. Seems like someone with the past set photocopied by Steve T. could do the hobby a service by making additional sets for distribution, and make a buck in the meantime.

If you read below, Steve does not plan to do any more copies. The original message about printing those bullitens was some years ago now.

I do not have any more of these copies, thanks for the interest but I don't plan on copying them again.

Are copies of the 36 issues Steve Thilicke mentions on Bulletin 2190 still available for sale? If so , I would like to buy the full set.

From Steve Thielicke:
I am going to have copies made of the 36 issues of these bulletins that Otis made. They will be the same size as the originals. The cost depends on the number of copies made.
One copy looks like $90.00, if five people buy them the cost comes down to $65.00, ten copies brings the cost to $55.00 plus shipping.