Subject:RE: RE: RE: RE: Happy Birthday Joe Petrali Date:Fri Feb 22 09:01:20 2013
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Doug, consider sending a digital copy of Joe on Big Bertha to Dave for addition to that Petrali page.


I have to agree with Barry. The fellow on the KJ fender was even wearing glasses, which I've never seen on Petrali. I have a photo of Petrali that he autographed at some stage in his life. It was a factory image of him on Big Bertha.

Here's a little story for you. Years ago I got the impression from Red Wolverton that he really didn't care for Petrali. Not only were they competitors, but Petrali was a guest so often in his home that he was like a second father to Red's daughter. I think there was a bit of jealosy going on. That must have been quite a place with two great champions around. Red mentored Billy Huber, who in turn was like a father to Billy. Billy's dad was a Class A racer. Billy first took up racing on Red's old Hardley Peashooter and went on to become one of the leading racers in the country. Unfortunately Billy died from a crash induced by heat prostration in 1954 in (Kansas ?). It was 116 degrees that day.

I think your interpretation and addition of the captions is incorrect. Firstly
Petrali's name looks to me like it is spelled correctly if you look at another
"a" and excuse an undotted "i" . Secondly the guy on the bike does not look
like Petrali, I would say the guy sitting on the fence in the white racing suit
with goggles around his neck and holding a racing cap would be a more likely
candidate. The guy sitting backwards on the bike looks like a floor sweeper
from the factory. In fact it appears to say on the back of the photo "Henry B...
?on Henny"

Thank you so much for posting the picutes and informative text. Somewhere I
have an old account of that day with a KL, Joe, and a lonely stretch of
highway. I didn't expect the skinny tires, and I didn't know Joe wore glasses.
Thanks again. Eric

I noticed on the AMCA Calendar that today is the famed American motorcycle
racer Joe Petrali's birthday. With a little help from webmaster Dave I had a
couple photos of Joe posted in the Miscellaneous Section of the KJ EXchange.
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