From:Mark L Hunnibell
Subject:RE: RE: Heath Henderson Date:Mon Feb 18 11:19:46 2013
Response to:4577
> This photo suggests one was attending airshows in 1973.

This aircraft appears to bear the FAA registration number of N752Y. It took me a number of tries on many variations of numbers beginning with N752 to find it on the FAA aircraft registration web site. Here it is:

Aircraft Description
Serial Number: 154
Status: Pending Cancel
Manufacturer Name: HEATH AVIATION
Certificate Issue Date: None
Model: LNB-4
Expiration Date: None
Type Aircraft: Fixed Wing Single-Engine
Type Engine: Reciprocating
Pending Number Change: None
Dealer: No
Date Change Authorized: None
Mode S Code (base 8 / oct): 52421635
Mode S Code (base 16 / hex): AA239D
MFR Year: 1930
Type Registration: Individual
Fractional Owner: NO

Registered Owner
Street: 4275 SAWYER RD
State: OHIO
Zip Code: 43219

Engine Manufacturer: HEATH AVN
Classification: Standard
Engine Model: B4
Category: Normal
A/W Date: 08/31/1971

I looked up to see what was at the address at 4275 Sawyer Rd in Columbus Ohio and it turns out it was the "Ohio History of Flight Museum." However, that museum is now defunct and apparently most of the artifacts from that museum were transferred to the Ohio Historical Society ( Their web site contains an annual report for 2010 which contains this passage:

In February [2010], [Ohio Historical Society] History Services staff finished moving the collections of the defunct History of Flight Museum from an airport cargo facility to newly renovated storage space at the Hudson Street Collections Facility. In an effort to keep the collection on public display, several aircraft were transferred or loaned to museums throughout the state, including Motts Military Museum, Historical Aircraft Squadron, WACO Aircraft Museum, Tri-State Warbird Museum and Cincinnati Aviation Heritage Society Museum.

It is unclear if the FAA record indicates a sale/transfer prior to 2010 or if it reflects the transfer of the aircraft in conjunction with the Ohio Historical Society transaction, but it seems possible this aircraft may be some place in Ohio, where I now live. It's a federal holiday today, but I'll make some calls tomorrow and will post what, if anything, I learn.

Mark Hunnibell