From:Dave M
Subject:RE: RE: RE: Heath Henderson Date:Sun Feb 17 10:27:33 2013
Response to:4566
The reason I asked...

For years now I have been involved in the Henderson community. I will love those old bikes 'till they thro me in the hole. I have had all kinds of experiences to reflect on. Some good some bad and of course some catastrophic. The "good" part has always out-weighed all the bad by 100 times. If I ever have to sell my deluxe (first born), one of you guys please kill me.

Amazingly, sometimes I do think about other things. I have an ever increasing interest in flying and getting my pilot's licence. I also have a stong interest in building at least one small aircraft as my shop would be well suited.

I have a lot of confidence in my Henderson engine building technique and combination that I have developed after all those miles. I do believe, done right, with the right modifications, and a little modern magic that most of todays Hendersons sport in those engine cases these days, the Henderson engine could absolutely still be used for this purpose. No different than as it was believed nearly a century ago.

WHAT IF...???

A death wish? perhaps...

There are probably only 1 or 2 air worthy Heath Parasols out there with Henderson engines. With only 20 hp on tap, I don't think I would trust one in the air. We had one in the AMA museum years ago when we did the 4 cylinder exhibit. The best way of locating one would be to contact the EAA, Experimental Aircraft Association. I remember a short article in Homebuilt Aircraft magazine when I was into throwing money down the toilet in years past.

I have catalogs for both Heath and Sensenig.


Does anyone know of a Henderson powered aircraft that is actually servicable?
I believe there is one in San Diego, Dean Salmens was envolved with it. Maybe 20 years ago, they actually flew the thing. I think it's in a museum down there.