From:Nick Mulcahy
Subject:RE: KJ matching # ? Date:Thu Jan 10 17:10:42 2013
Response to:4495
The W after the part number is a foundry mark and means Werra Foundry who were located at Waukesha, Wisconsin. If you do a Google search they will be able to find out some interesting history of Conrad Werra and his company.....Nick.

On my KJ the engine numbers are embossed on the rhd side as usual, means, top case below mag, lower case (up-side down embossed ??) below kick-starter.
There are other numbers in the cases on top at rear, reading on my bike KJ 1000 W and " 3 1 29", on the lower case at te rear KJ 1100 W and " 3 5 29". Should these numbers match too, or are these just casting numbers ?
Is there a frame number on the KJ's and if yes where, and should the farme number -if any- match in some way to the others?
Any identification keys beside the Ballak list?

Thanks for any informations !